Business Concept

        Edupoint adapted modern business mission as guidelines, it has established a complete thoroughgoing marketing network in the country. Edupoint has set up first class agencies in every state, and also state level region distributors. This not only protects the benefits of business partnership but also ensures consumer can enjoy high quality sales support service.

        In the meantime, we also built a consistent and closed relationship with our partnership. Advanced and efficient marketing network has brought us a rapid increase in sales volume, our brand has gained reputation in the market and with its rapid growth, we also become a famous electronic dictionary brand in the country.

Marketing System

        Satisfy customer's needs, provide complete service are Edupoint's prority objective. Edupoint has established a full functional facility marketing platform in the country. We set up agencies in every state, these platforms integrate the philosophy of High Level, Wide Coverage, High Efficiency and Low Cost.

        Our long term strategy is 'Low cost but high quality, everyone can have it'. This strategy enable consumers can easily enjoy to own a low cost but high quality educational products. Edupoint's goal is to serve every customer wholeheartedly, it has put a lot of manpower and material resources to build a high efficiency and organized service system.

        Through every sales support center and sales support team in the country, we ensure every user can enjoy our service with satisfactory at anyway.

Please contact us if interested : 04-538 8337 / 012-588 4727.

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